How to Find New Music

by Mike Rusenovich

The world of music is confusing. It is difficult to curate your own music library. If you are just getting in to music, finding new songs to listen to and new bands to follow can be daunting. Thankfully, the internet has made finding music a whole lot easier, especially if you use this guide. These methods can all be used side by side to expand your music tastes. Happy hunting!

Method #1: Think and Talk About Music

The best way to find new music is to talk to your friends and see what they recommend. Your friends are a fantastic resource, and they can make personal suggestions as well. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, music that you will like becomes easier and easier to find.

Method #2: Listen to the Radio

Another way to hear new music is to listen to the radio. WVUR plays the best music, 100% of the time. Other radio stations aren’t too bad either. It is easy to listen to stations in the car or on a bookshelf radio, but many stations also stream online or to your phone or iPod. Finding and following a good station makes finding new music easy, since stations usually have a specific sound.

Method #3: Pandora Internet Radio

If you are looking for music similar to a band or song you already like, Pandora is your best bet. Each song in their massive library is categorized and tagged, and associated with similar songs. Pandora has an edge over other music streaming services like Spotify since it doesn’t require an account or download. If you enter a song or band, Pandora creates a playlist of similar artists. A free account allows you to have multiple playlists and rate songs that come up.

Pandora can be found online at

Method #4: Youtube

A quick Youtube search for your favorite song or artist will bring up music videos, both official and fan created. If you’ve just found a new band, and want a commitment-free way to hear what they sound like, Youtube is a great resource. Other videos are recommended in the sidebar, but they can be hit or miss.

Youtube can be found at

Method #5: Music Map

Music Map is a service that groups artists by similar sound. The main page is a search box. Entering a band brings up a cloud of similar artists. The closer they are to the band in the center, the more alike the two bands sound.

Music Map is online at

Method #6: Every Sound at Once

The final method for today is Every Sound at Once. The main page is covered with a mess of wildly different genres of music. Clicking on the words themselves plays an example of that genre. Clicking on the arrow next to each genre will break it down into individual bands, which can also be listened to right on the site. While not everything will be to your liking (there is an entry for throat singing), being able to listen to each style and band right on the page is a definite plus.

Every Sound at Once is hosted at

These methods are fantastic ways to find new bands, but as you explore, you will find new tools and sites.

If you have a favorite way to find music, let us know about it in the comments!

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