Delta Spirit – Delta Spirit Album Review

by Christopher Kendl


Delta Spirit by Delta Spirit is their third full length album. It has been a long time coming since their first EP, I Think I’ve Found It, in 2006. Since then they’ve lost a member and have released two other full lengths and another EP, aside from Delta Spirit. Their sound is something of indie rock mixed with indie folk. If I had to describe it further, I would say it sounds like a more upbeat and fuzzy My Morning Jacket- whom they also opened for in the fall of 2011.

Their opening song, “Empty House”, screams indie folk rock and is a strong start. Certainly something that a person can jam to with it’s faint finger-picking and quick tempo drum line. Probably the most noteworthy song on the album, and the third track, is “California”, which features a catchy kick drum/ snare beat along with a dreamy guitar riff in the background.

Whenever I listen to this song, I can only think of laying in a field reminiscing about a good friend- and I imagine most other people would react the same way. To finish up the album, and comment on one last song, I would like to mention “Yamaha”, the eleventh track on the album. This track includes a light kick drum along with an organ-esque background of chords. It has a more downbeat feel, but certainly worth listening to.

The band’s hometown is San Francisco, which easily explains a lot of why they sound the way they do. Matthew Vasquez is the one who sings the pretty words and plays a tad of guitar. He is accompanied by Kelly Winrich (keys, programming, guitars, percussion, lapsteel, dronebox, bg’s), William Mclaren (guitars, bg’s), Johnathan Jameson (bass, bg’s), and Brandon Young (drums, percussion, bg’s).

Overall the band has a wonderful sound and any indie folk rock lover should add them to their library. Delta Spirit will not disappoint.

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