Weather Story: Valpo’s First Snowfall

by Andrew Whitmyer


Valpo’s first snowfall of the season started earlier this week. Monday started out cloudy, but quickly transitioned to a wet day. However, the liquid precipitation changed to all snow by 3pm. Because of the snow, the Chicago National Weather Service placed Porter County under a lake effect snow watch that became a lake effect snow advisory at 3:52 Monday afternoon. The Chicago office predicted that Valparaiso could receive anywhere form 3-5 inches of snow, with higher amounts and white-out conditions in the most intense bands.

Both media outlets at Valparaiso University, WVUR and VUTV, were on top of the storm, using both the airways and social media to spread the word. Students on campus reacted quickly once the snow started to fall around campus, as many were excited to see the winter weather come back into the area. Some students, though, were especially excited, as this was the first time they’d ever seen snow.

As Tuesday came to an end, Valparaiso only received 3 inches of snow. Just off to our east, Laporte got 8.2 inches and St. Joseph, MI, where the heaviest part of the snow band was, received 17 inches of snow. For now, Valpo is headed toward another slight warming trend. With that being said, it looks like we will have to wait until at least Thanksgiving break to see more of the snow that we love so much here at Valparaiso University.

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