Aziz Ansari Stand-Up Review: Buried Alive

by Erin Evers

Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive

Everyone can appreciate the sarcastic wit of Thomas Montgomery from “Parks and Rec,” but the actor behind this character, Aziz Ansari, is even more entertaining in his natural element, stand up. With his new release of “Buried Alive,” premiering as a comedy special on Netflix, he revamps his stand up which can only be described as intelligent and relatable.

Being a fan of Ansari’s, I was really expected a lot. I have seen some previous stand up specials including “Dangerously Delicious,” and “Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening.” Although these weren’t excellent to me, I appreciate Ansari’s honesty and personal touches in his bits. “Buried Alive,” proved to be his best yet and left me actually “LOL-ing,” as apposed to my usual response, which is blowing more air out of my nose than usual. So that was already a good start.

Ansari starts with a bit about children and describes his child self as looking like “The most adorable little brown puppy you can imagine.” He then starts a recurring bit in his act where he talks about marriage proposals and asks a couple in the audience about how theirs happened. The poor chosen guy in the audience tries to talk up his “5-star,” lunch proposal, where his girlfriend didn’t respond because the bread sticks where coming out. Ansari fires back with “Sir, when it comes to their breadstick policy..does the word unlimited come to mind?” That cracked me up, and was especially entertaining being that this actually happened, which makes the best bits in comedy.

The good thing about this 79 minute long show was that I was not bored throughout the entire thing. From describing modern day ghosts as those who haunt you for your wifi password, to his friend finding someone through online dating by typing “Jewish and my zip code,” the show flew by a left me very impressed.

Ending the story with his encounter with Seal and crushing his dreams at starting his R&B career as “The Brown Penguin,” I was left searching through the deep corners of YouTube for more of his stand-up. He’s no Louie C.K, but he knows how to draw in an audience. My only complaint is that I thought he took a cop out by talking about child molestation for more than three minutes.

If you have Netflix, I would highly recommend doing a stand-up binge and started with some Aziz Ansari. If you don’t have Neflix….you could try “Celebrity Ghost Stories.” Apparently that’s a thing..

Happy Netflix hunting.

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