Tis the Season!

by Jerri Moran

10 Christmas songs that will put you in the Christmas spirit whether you like it or not

  1. “White Christmas”- The Drifters, because your heart has to lift at least a little at the “I, I, I, I’m dreaming” bit.
  2. “The Christmas Song”- Nat King Cole, because it is as classic as classic gets.
  3. “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”-Bruce Springsteen, because his gravelly voice will have you singing along even if you are in a public place where it isn’t really socially acceptable.
  4. “I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause”- Jimmy Boyd, because even if you don’t know the full song you can sing the first line.
  5. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”-Perry Como, because it makes you actually want to see the snow that is about to be everywhere.
  6. “Frosty the Snowman”- Gene Autry, it’s about a magic snowman, what’s not to like?
  7. “Little Drummer Boy”- Bing Crosby… or Pentatonix because their version is awesome.
  8. “Last Christmas”- Wham! because it’s Wham! and Christmas!
  9. “Holy Jolly Christmas”- Burl Ives, it’s like the spirit of Christmas itself is yelling at you to cheer up.
  10. “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”- Bing Crosby, because no matter how old you are you will always want to go home for Christmas.

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