Something Free, Please!

by Olivia Adams

As I become more aware of my lack of financial stability and my desire to find new favorites for my music library, I venture into that land we like to call “free mp3s”. We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. We know the best sites to “borrow” tunes inevitably, gaining a virus here and there, but what about the legal sites that offer new songs for free? Every week iTunes offers a free new single from unknown artists, and every week I visit the iTunes store to download my something free. While they may not all be winners you can’t help but walk away feeling like you were a judge on American Idol- finding the best and worst in music since 2001.

This particular week iTunes has selected “Reflections” by MisterWives, an up and coming pop group from NYC. The song opens with a dreamy sequence of synth followed by a sweet sounding female vocalist copying. From this moment on the song goes from sounding like some sort of underwater sequence to Jackson 5 without as much as a warning. While I found this transition to be a bit shocking at first I went from tentative listener to mock singing into a hairbrush by the second bout of chorus. This single will most likely not be the greatest song of 2014, but MisterWives has proved to be successful in delivering that “stuck in your head” feeling a pop song should have.

If you find yourself getting sick of Lorde this week why not try something new?

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