November DJ of the Month

by Mary Steele

Interview with WVUR’s November DJ of the month Sabena Hewelt. Tune in to WVUR to listen to Sabena Thursdays and Fridays from 7-8 PM on The Source 95.1.

Year in school?
I am a Freshman and proud of it! There’s still so much of Valpo I’ve yet to discover, but I love expanding my skills and meeting new people, so every day is a fun, new experience.

I came in as a German major and switched to Chinese and Japanese Studies, so you could say I love languages. If there was a major for audio engineering, I would definitely major in that.

What got you interested in radio?
I hadn’t worked much with the radio club in high school, so originally, it wasn’t even an option. At the activities fair in the beginning of the year, I was walking around all cool-like with my headphones around my neck (I’m a music junkie, you see), and as I passed the radio table, I noticed the high energy of the kids in WVUR shirts and the unique logo. As I stood there taking it in, one of the students handed me a pamphlet with a huge grin. He pointed at my headphones and told me if I liked music, I should join the radio club. In the end, I liked the thought of DJ-ing and loved the people involved, so I decided to give it a shot. To this day, it was one of the best risks I’ve ever taken.

One interesting fact that you don’t mind sharing with the internet?
I Irish danced for ten years, up until last March. I danced for fundraisers, weddings, receptions, recitals and competitively by myself, in groups and even as a dance drama. This hobby allowed me to travel all over the mid-west and Canada, and I became very used to checking into hotels and getting up early the next morning to perform. Looking back on all those years makes me realize how dream-like it all was. And apart from all the discipline, courage, performing skills and friendships it gave me, I now know even more about myself in its absence. I’ve realized that I must travel and perform in the future as well. When you’re on stage, giving it your all and pumping up the crowd so much that their energy is your energy – that moment of a mutual love of life – that is the best feeling in the world.

What is the genre of your show and what makes it unique?
My show is called “Asian Beats,” and it features up-beat, dance-like music from far East Asia. It encompasses mostly Japanese pop and rock, and Korean pop. Originally, I wanted to try my hand at DJ-ing with my favorite kind of music, and that has progressed into my desire to share these genres with those who know less about them. This show (hopefully) gives listeners a new cultural perspective on the other side of the world; on their language, their music and their contemporary life style. Most of all, this show gives students a chance to detox from their stressful lives and just get up and dance.

If you could pick any animal to be your spirit animal and why?
I’ve never actually thought about this before, but people have told me many times that I’m like a monkey. I’d like to think it’s for my intelligence and creativity, but it’s probably because I’m flexible and almost always have way too much energy.

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