Top 5 Favorite Mellow Songs

by Jerri Moran

It is nearing the end of February, which means everyone is stressed and everyone wants it to be spring break. Sorry friends, you’ve got a few weeks left! But, to help get you through it, I have compiled a list of my favorite mellow songs. Take a break, take a breath, take a listen and enjoy.

Warning: They are eclectic.

5. The Civil Wars’ “Falling”- Really anything Civil Wars will force you to stop stressing about everything you have to do, but this song in particular is just great.

4. Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind”- Just listen to the piano… and his voice, because it is brilliant. If you are lucky enough to go to New York for spring break, listen to this as you are heading into the city. You will fall in love with the song and the city.

3. Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”- The man plays the harmonica better than most people speak.

2. Mumford & Son’s “Where are you now”- The lyrics are pretty sad if you listen closely but the song itself is strangely relaxing.

1. Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” which was written by Trent Reznor and originally sung by Nine Inch Nails- This song is great, even if you aren’t a Johnny Cash fan. It is calm and meaningful and will make your heart…hurt… every time you listen to it.

Keep it up ladies and gents, you are so close to a much deserved break!

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