December/January DJ of the Month

by Mary Steele

December and January’s DJ of the month is a DJ who has been on WVUR for awhile, Alex Woell shared some information on himself, if you want to listen to his show you can tune in on Wednesday’s from 10-midnight.

1.) Year in school?


2.) Major?

Digital media with a concentration in communication law and a minor in cinema studies

3.) What got you interested in radio?

I love introducing people to new music

4.) One interesting fact that you don’t mind sharing with the internet?

My show was originally supposed to be spun from 100% vinyl records, but technical limitations prevented this.

5.) What is the genre of your show and what makes it unique?

I don’t have one particular genre that I play on my show, but I love to give attention to micro-genres that no one seems to pay attention to. For example: vaporwave, mallsoft, baroque pop, chillwave, sunshine pop, lounge/exotica, shoegaze, dream pop, neo-psychedelia, trip-hop, future funk, jangle pop, surf rock, beach pop, yacht rock, and did I mention old moog music?

6.) If you could pick any animal to be your spirit animal what would it be and why?

I dislike most animals. But if I had to choose, it would be a Koala. And if you have to ask why, you need a lesson on Koalas.

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