Spring Break 95!

by Stacy McKeigue

Spring break may only be a few days away, but here at The Source 95, we never stop bringing you the best in college radio. Wondering what we’ll be listening to over the next two weeks? Here are just a few of the albums that scream “SPRING BREAK!” to us:

Ganging Up On the Sun– Guster. Although there is less of a Caribbean feel in this album than in the previous one, the songs are a bit more free and easy and just plain fun. The band still shines with songs like “Empire State” (which they say has the most sincere lyrics they’ve ever written) and “Ruby Falls” (their longest song that also has a smooth jazz feel at the end), but for the most part, the album just sounds like warm weather music. But if you’re interested in the Caribbean vibe, the song “What You Wish For” off their Lost and Gone Forever album is worth a listen.

Far– Regina Spektor. This album is very relaxed and bouncy, everything a good break should be. From the first song to the last, you’ll be tapping your foot and humming along as you cruise down to the beach. Or you know, sit inside and read, depending on the weather.

Never Trust a Happy Song– Grouplove. Tired of the cold and endless blankets of white? The band’s upbeat, colorful sound gets you in the mood for a change in the weather.

The Outsiders– Eric Church. The Outsiders is one of the most controversial albums to have come out in country music in a long time. Whether it be Eric’s hard hitting guitar riffs or the deep lyrics, this is an album that will be flying off the shelves for years to come. Some of our favorite tracks are Devil Devil, Talladega, and Wrecking Ball. If you are new to Eric Church this is an album that will make you go find all his old stuff and fall in love forever.

Mylo Xyloto– Coldplay. Uplifting and with a nice beat, this album has recurring themes of paradise and Heaven. Is there anything more apt for a chill two weeks away from homework and classes?

Torches- Foster the People. The content just sounds like spring. It’s upbeat and reminds you of bringing life back to the world. Even though this album was released a few years ago, it’s one to keep coming back to time and time again. Another album with a similar vibe is Two Door Cinema Club’s Tourist History.

What are some of your favorite springtime anthems? Whatever they are, we hope they put you in a sunny mood to help melt away the dregs of the winter months. We’re almost there, guys! Summer is right around the corner, and you can feel it in the music.

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