Review: Magic – Coldplay

by Andrew Whitmyer

Coldplay keeps amazing everyone with their announcement of their sixth studio album Ghost Stories, which will be released on May 19, 2014. Coldplay has already gave us a look of Midnight on the new album last week that had a taste of electronic to it. On Monday, however, Coldplay released the single to the Ghost Stories album, Magic.

With that said, Magic has a very different feel then that of Coldplay’s last album Mylo Xyloto’s single, Paradise. Magic gives a completely opposite vibe of a heart getting broken into pieces, but the good times were magic. This song also has a relaxing and smooth beat and tone to it. With that being said, Yellow has been Coldplay’s most famous romantic song, but after listening to Magic, I think you will agree with me that Yellow has met its match.

All in all I give Coldplay five stars on Magic and I cannot wait until May 19 to listen to the rest of Coldplay’s new album Ghost Stories.

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