Artist to Listen to: Lion Babe

by: Kyle Smart

So maybe I just really love R&B and pop lately. I can’t get enough of it, but Lion Babe helps fill my needs. Don’t be fooled by the videos, its not just Jillian Hervey and her gorgeous mane. Lion Babe consists of Hervey, and Lucas Goodman, who makes the infectious beats for Hervey’s fluid dancing and her sensational voice.

I first found Lion Babe through their single “Jump Hi” who so wisely features Childish Gambino (an artist I love, and many others are obsessed with these last few years). I was hooked on the poppy sound, bright colors, and fun spirit.

Digging around, I discovered their new video for “Treat Me Like Fire.” The black and white mood was a beautiful change, and watching Jillian dance is worth a hundred more videos. The soul to her voice, and Goodman’s beats, is so refreshing. I need more than this EP.

I expect we will get a full length album sooner or later from Lion Babe. Until then, I will keep listening to the soulful R&B hits I have right here.

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