By: Julia Merryman

It has been an exciting month for indie duo Great Good Fine Ok. Teaming up with DJ The Chainsmokers (most well-known for their song “#selfie”, but under-appreciated for their other originals and mixes) and also featuring St. Lucia in one of their latest tracks “Something To Believe,” they’re starting to put themselves under the radar and will hopefully be recognized soon as one of the years’ catchiest new artists.

Great Good Fine Ok released their latest EP on SoundCloud this week and it offers a crisp sound of electro-pop vibes and synth-enriched beats. As their dreamy vocals fill the air, swaying your shoulders and head-bobbing come as naturally as breathing.

Similar to: Passion Pit, The Naked and Famous, St. Lucia

Check out their track ft. St. Lucia

Chainsmokers ft Great Good Fine Ok

Their older songs are great as well! Check out the first song I ever heard from them that got me hooked.

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