Album Review: Born Under Saturn

By: Elijah Crouch

Django Django is the epitomization of art rock for me.  Classified as indie, art rock, electronica, and neo-psychedelia (which is an awesome genre name), Django Django is a welcome change within the alternative indie scene.  Their self-titled album of 2012 garnered attention when Imagine Dragons talked about it in an interview (which is what exposed me to the band).
Born Under Saturn was a highly anticipated album for me.  I pre-ordered without hearing one single, but trusted Django Django to come through for me.  Luckily for me, they did! Born Under Saturn isn’t necessarily what I expected, but overall a great album to play any day.
 I do skip a few tracks, but the general energy of Shake & Tremble, Reflections, Break the Glass, and The Life We Know keep me coming back to hear the slower art as well.  Compared to their previous album, Born Under Saturn, brings a bit of a style change, in my opinion.  Born Under Saturn slows down a bit more and overall each song sounds not too different.  The eclectic nature of their style was for the most part not as evident in this album.  In a way, this works to make the album more cohesive and unlike their last, you could start at track 1 and go to track 13 without having felt like the musical narrative ever changed.  The complex lyrics are a bit difficult to understand due to Vincent and Jimmy’s harmonizing and accents, but work to not overpower the instruments and show a mental depth to Django Django’s music.  Most importantly, the music just has an infectious quality to it, that makes you bob your head or tap your foot.
Buy the album, if you have any scrap of sophistication, love of uniqueness, or need something to make your life a little brighter.

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