Album Review: Sonder

By: Jerri Moran

A Wonderful Fall Album

The new album “Sonder” by the young band Thanks Again is the perfect music to welcome Fall. To properly enjoy “Sonder” I would suggest walking around on a cool day with a cozy sweater and a cup of coffee in your hand with this soothing music ringing through your ears.

To put it simply, Thanks Again fills their music with both the pains and joys of young love and heartbreak and does it all with surprisingly catchy melodies. Each song’s unique voice works beautifully together to make a cohesive whole that seems as though it should be the soundtrack to an Indy movie rather than the debut album of three young men.  

My favorite song on this album is entitled “Pour”, a title you will understand after just a few seconds of the song. Specifically, the simple and repetitive melody and instrumental accompaniment come across as charming and the song begs to be listened to again. Also on my list of favorites are “Cigarettes & Empty Stomachs” and “The Thespian” which I listened to multiple times just because of the lyrics.

The gravely vocals, instrumental talent, and clever lyrics make this album one that grows on the listener more and more with each song. Overall, an hour spent listening to “Sonder” is an experience that should not be missed.

*”Sonder” can be purchased on both Amazon and Itunes

Check them out HERE 

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