Album Review: Bones & Beeker

By: Elijah Crouch


Bones & Beeker is the delightful fusion of an indie artist and a hip-hop producer into the conglomeration that is modern music.  This synthesis makes Bones & Beeker’s self-titled album an interesting listen. Tracks to check out would be Semana, Each Time I Die, and Heartbroken in Love.  Semana shows off the artistry in Semana with the use of scratching sounds and the like, with a clean, superfluous guitar and catchy bass riff.  This defines much of the album’s sound.  Each Time I Die, Heartbroken in Love, and Lupine bring more of the hip-hop flair out, with varying degrees of eclecticness, bass hooks, and noise.  Amazingly, none of the songs use electronic samples, to give the music an original feel that makes the music stick with you.  The album is a nice listen when you are having a good day, or might need a kickstart to a creative project.  The defining features for me of the album are the bass lines, guitar riffs, and rarely utilized instruments with the high-pitched vocals to make nice backing music to the creative moments of life.  I would highly recommend checking this album out.

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