Woman Stopped by Potential Police Impersonator

In Lake County, a forty-six year old female was stopped on I-65 south bound north of 109th Street exit on the evening of February 7th by a black Sports Utility Vehicle that was unmarked.

The black SUV puller her over using red/blue lights on the dashboard at 5:50 p.m. The SUV could be a newer Ford Explorer.   A white male approached the driver’s window and told the women that her speed was unacceptable. The man said to be around 50 had grayish hair, a clean-shaven, and was wearing a dark battle dress uniform. The man never identified who he was.

The woman gave him her driver’s license, where he then took it back to his car for 30 seconds and drove off with it. The woman didn’t see any of his plates nor did she follow the car. She called her husband and then the Indianan State Police.


If anyone was in this area yesterday evening, February 7, 2016, and possibly witnessed this traffic stop, please contact Indiana State Police Trooper Danielle Elwood at 219-696-6242.

–       See more at: https://local.nixle.com/alert/5583276/?sub_id=1000000020#sthash.beVjgBid.dpuf

The following are safety tips to protect you against a police impersonator:

Stop in a well-lighted and populated area

Only roll your window down enough so you can communicate (one-two inches)

Ask for the officer’s identification

DO NOT get out of your vehicle to go back to his vehicle

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