Album Review: Vicious Delicious

By: Elijah Crouch

Ever been told you are weird? Do your eyes obtain a crazy look when you hear experimental electronic music?  Vicious Delicious by Infected Mushroom is for you, then!  Infected Mushroom is an Israeli psytrance group who have been around a long time.  Prior to Vicious Delicious they were hardcore psytrance, but beginning in the late 90s they started to incorporate non-trance elements which culminated in a high of 2007’s Vicious Delicious

Tracks that jump out immediately are Becoming Insane, Heavyweight, In Front of Me, Change the Formality, and Forgive Me.  These bring a lot of energy with an experimental sound, but are probably the most available songs with their male vocals for the lay music enthusiast.  For people into the electronic scene, at least one song on this album will appeal to you, be it the hip-hop of Artillery or maybe opera of Suliman or the eclecticism of Eat It Raw.  I would say that I would put this as my favorite electronic album ever, due to its wide range of styles.  This album also incorporates heavy metal guitar with the usual psychedelic sounds for that weird fusion of rockability and mind-bending, in most of the songs.  Of course if psychedelic/experimental is not your cup of tea or your not in the mood, a more mainstream electronic album may be for you.

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