VUPD Reports

March 29, 2016


Assist Other Jurisdiction

At 2:40 AM, an officer responded to Monroe Street to assist Valparaiso Police and Porter County Police in searching for a subject who was seen looking in a window on Monroe Street.


Suspicious Incident

At 4:15 PM, an officer took a report of a person posing as a VU Staff member attempting to help a person applying to VU. A detective is working this case.


March 30, 2016


Armed Subject

At 9:49 PM, an officer responded in reference to a report that a person had a handgun while on campus.  The incident was investigated and no criminal acts were committed.

March 31, 2016


Vehicle Crash

At 11:00 PM, an officer responded to Heinrich House for a hit and run vehicle crash.  There were no injuries and a report was taken.


Fire Alarm

At 11:28 PM, officers and Valpo Fire/Rescue responded to Memorial Hall for an activated fire alarm.  There was no fire and the alarm was reset.


April 01, 2016


Suspicious Incident

At 4:42 PM, an officer responded to Alumni Hall for a report of a student in possession of a toy gun and a camera.  The student was filming a movie.


April 03, 2016


Property Damage

At 10:50 AM, an officer responded to the VUCA for a tree that had been struck and knocked over by a vehicle.  A report was taken.



April’s safety tip is storm awareness: How far away is the lightning?  “Count the number of seconds between a flash of lightning and the sound of the resulting thunder. Divide this number by 5 to get an estimate of the distance in miles to the lightning strike. Remember, if you are outdoors and can hear thunder, you are in danger of being struck by lightning.” FEMA website

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