WVUR, the Source 95, is Valparaiso University’s student radio station.  It broadcasts 24/7 on 95.1 FM in the Valparaiso area, and features a wide range of students, staff, and faculty members who contribute to the station.  Each semester many students participate with the Source on a regular basis.  The Source plays indie and alternative rock, but many students also have specialty shows in which they play their own favorite genres. Aside from music, WVUR Sports is also an integral part of the station. Hundreds of Valpo athletics games are broadcast each year on the air and online through our webcast. Newscenter 95 is the radio’s newscast, broadcasting Valparaiso activities, events, as well as every day news.

We are located in Valparaiso, Indiana on Valparaiso University’s campus. This site is property of the Source 95. Logos and photos are used with permission from their respective owners. The opinions of contributors to WVUR do not necessarily represent those of WVUR. The opinions of WVUR do not necessarily represent those of University Administration or Student Body.

Content may not be redistributed without consent from WVUR.

Each year, a unique staff of students make up the managing team, see more about them here

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